Who is Rocco Lupo? Singer Songwriter Producer Social Media Star Performer An artist for the ages!

The Music Journey Begins

Once every decade, we encounter a musical talent capable of revolutionizing an entire industry. Rocco Lupo, a versatile and gifted 13-year-old from Dallas, Texas, is eager to share his funky-pop tracks with the global audience.

Rocco possesses exceptional songwriting, production, singing, and dancing abilities. At age three, he developed an affinity for the music of Motown, which subsequently fostered his love and admiration for Michael Jackson and the classic R&B bands of the 80s.

A New Generation

Rocco’s talent is a multifaceted blend of creative talent and energy on a new level. His talents aren’t one dimensional; singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, and social media star, Rocco will elevate his artistry for years to come.

The Future is Now

Currently in the midst of recording his first album for Sony, which will be released in a unique and interactive way. Rocco hopes that his album, titled “After The Bell Rings,” will encourage healthy social interaction among fans and students throughout the country.

Take the Journey!

I want to thank all of you for your overwhelming support. Please join me as I look to move the social inclusion needle through songs with a funky pop soul and a dance twist.

Rocco Lupo

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